How it Works

Fundamentally Different

Speakeasy is the world’s first truly anonymous social communication app for conversation, debate, and information sharing. Here’s what’s new about it:


In a speakeasy, others know you by your “codename”, which you personally select when joining the platform. You own your codename, and it can never be traced back to you – the ultimate in personal, private identity.

Censorship Proof

Your speakeasy, your rules. No authority beyond you moderates or censors the content.

Surveillance Free

No-one except those in a speakeasy can read the contents or even know it exists – or that your codename is in it.

How Speakeasy Can Do This


So where is your speakeasy? It’s everywhere–spread across all 400+ nodes, and duplicated in pieces so it doesn’t depend on any single server for storage. Nodes that have parts of your speakeasy don’t know they have it.

Speakeasy is a dApp (distributed application) running on xx network, the world’s first private, quantum-secure communications and payment network. xx network connects about 400 nodes spread across more than 50 countries on six continents, running on a fast blockchain. All nodes are independently owned and operated.

cMix (Mixing)

cMix is an advanced version of the mixnet protocol developed by David Chaum. Dr. Chaum is the founder of xx network and CEO of Elixxir, the company that developed Speakeasy. cMix works by routing “mixed” batches of encrypted messages across the network using 5 nodes for each batch selected at random by the blockchain. All metadata about the messages—sender, recipient, frequency of communication, location of origin or destination—is “shredded” en route. That includes posts to a speakeasy and requests to join. So not only is your identity–name, location, IP address—kept undiscoverable, so is your speakeasy. 

Sovereign Identity

Each time you log into centralized social media today, the platform lends your identity back to you. Your identity is owned and controlled by them.

In Speakeasy, you alone own the identity you use—your codename. Your codename and its cryptographic keys are generated on your device and are owned by only you. There is no central server, no registration – no one has a list of all the codenames. You can store your keys in the cloud of your choice or on your own personal server – your identity is yours.

Feature Comparison







End to End Encrypted Channels

Censorship Proof

User Identity Ownership

Untraceable Identities

Secret Channels

Surveillance free (mixing)








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